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JLU Holds First “Administrators Workshop on Global Competence”

Aug 13, 2020

The first “JLU Administrators Workshop on Global Competence” was successfully held from July 2nd to August 12th. A total of 33 administrators from Jilin University participated in this online workshop.

The workshop was jointly launched by JLU and Macquarie University in Australia. MQ’s English Language Centre tailored the workshop according to the actual needs of the JLU participants and offered three modules at different levels of difficulty in the fundamental and intermediate classes, including public speaking, professional writing, as well as conference management and participation.

The “Public Speaking” module introduced the administrators to the basic structure of public speaking, the use of guiding language, interactive language, body language, etc.

In the “Professional Writing” module, the administrators learned the format and basic language of international emails, as well as the format of Letter of Introduction, Letter of Invitation, Letter of Apology, and Letters of Acceptance and Rejection.

The “Conference Management and Participation” module allowed the administrators to become familiar with the language used in greetings, conversations, and discussions in an international conference.

After completing the modules, the administrators made summary reports through a group presentation, which won unanimous recognition and praise from MQ teachers.

The 7-week workshop used online communication platform and adopted professional teaching methods to provide courses close to the reality of the work through a variety of classroom formats. The real time interactions between MQ teachers and JLU administrators stimulated the administrators’ interest in learning and encouraged them to learn more actively. This programme improved the administrators’ practical skills of English listening, speaking, reading and writing, thus laying a solid foundation for future improvement which they will need for international dialogue and global competence. It also improved the administrators’ governance capacity and service level.

The administrators who participated in the programme stated that they have learned a great deal and benefited a lot during this process.